Extended Care Program (12 months to 6 years)

Available to enrolled children in the Under-3, Nursery, and Kindergarten classes, this new program continues the care through the afternoon. It will mirror the rhythm of the morning by nurturing the needs of the children at play, and at rest. After enjoying a communal lunch brought from home the children will have the opportunity to relax in a gentle warm environment created through story and lullaby. Refreshed from rest and a small snack children will be supported by the warmth and care of the teacher while at play in our carefully designed learning environment both indoors and out.
This program will allow parents to drop off their children at 8am, and pick up by 4 pm.
Parents will have the choice of 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 day options.
Space is limited so preference will be given to those children who request 2 or more days.
Note: The extended Care Program will not be available on Festival Days.  Pick up will be at 12 noon

Schedule and Fees
Drop off at 8am, pick up at 4pm from September to June

Tuition 2014/2015:*
Under-3 and Nursery
5-day - $5750
3-day - $3450
2-day - $2300

5-day - $5450

*This is in addition to the regular tuition and fees of the child's primary class.