About Our Teachers

The Apple Blossom School and Family Center was founded in Wilton, Connecticut in the Spring of 2004 by Jessica Khoshabo, Erika Loker, and Marcia Marquis with the help of an enthusiastic and supportive parent body. We opened the doors of our temporary home in the Gilbert & Bennet School Building in Fall 2004. By Spring of 2005 we finished renovations and moved to our current home at 440 Danbury Road, Wilton, Connecticut.  After being a developing member of WECAN, Apple Blossom School was awarded full member status in December 2015.

Jessica Khoshabo

Lead teacher for Five Day Kindergarten 


Jessica is a trained Waldorf early childhood teacher and mother of two children. She is a founding teacher of the Apple Blossom School and Family Center and has been, teaching parents and children for thirteen years.  Jessica strives to create an environment that supports each child at their stage of development, fostering creativity through art and imaginative play. Jessica attended Waldorf school in Germany, kindergarten through high school, and graduated from the "Freie Waldorf Schule Rendsburg" in 1994. In 1998, Jessica received her early childhood teaching diploma from "Die Erzieher Fachschule Schleswig" in Germany after one year of student teaching at a Boarding school for deaf children. In the autumn of 1998 Jessica moved with her family to the United States. In 2006 Jessica completed her Masters in Waldorf early childhood education at Sunbridge college in Spring Valley, New York.

Allison Reznik 

Lead teacher for the Nursery Program


Allison has a passion for the importance of the early childhood years and has been working with children for as long as she can remember.  She received her MS in Early Childhood Special Education from Bank Street College of Education in New York City in 1995. She received a B.A. in Early Childhood / Human Services from SUNY Buffalo in 1991.  She discovered Waldorf Education when her oldest son was just a toddler, attending a Waldorf parent & child class. Her middle son joined Apple Blossom’s parent & child class when our doors first opened. Her third son joined them as an infant. Missing the ‘oasis’ of Apple Blossom and it’s warm community, Allison returned in 2013 to teach.  In 2019, she completed her 450 hour Waldorf Early Childhood teacher certification at Sophia’s Hearth in Keene, NH. Allison, her husband, and three sons live in Wilton.

Laura McDonald  

Lead teacher for the Parent and Child programs 


Laura received her MSW from Fordham University and received Waldorf training from Autriche University.  For more than twenty years, she has taught Kindergarten at Housatonic Valley Waldorf School (HVWS) in Newtown, CT.  She also completed her certification in Healing Education and Remedial Training (HEART) in 2014.  Presently, Laura is teaching Parent/Toddler classes here at Apple Blossom and at HVWS.  She is also an Educational Support coordinator at HVWS, and a therapist for Early Movement Therapy.

Dasha Bukovska 

Assistant teacher for the Nursery Program. 


Dasha, a Czech native, received her Master’s Degree in Psychosocial Science, Comparative Religion and Theology from Charles University in Prague in 2000. She first learned about Waldorf education when she took classes in Developmental Psychology. Her son joined a Waldorf playgroup, then spent 3 years at Apple Blossom and is now in 8th grade at HVWS. Dasha’s daughter started at the Parent Infant class at Apple Blossom and is now in grade 1 at HVWS. Waldorf principles became life changing for Dasha and her family. She hosted an anthroposophical study group in her home in Newtown, CT for several years and is still a member of that group. Dasha worked as a Rose class assistant in 2008 and is very happy to be spending her days with children, teachers and parents at Apple Blossom School again. Dasha has been interested in nutrition and she likes to relax by tending to her garden.

Samantha Adams

Assistant teacher for the Kindergarten Program. 


Samantha is a passionate life long learner and seeker of knowledge, who resonates deeply with the Waldorf philosophy and system of teaching.  She received her B.A. in Psychology from the University of New Hampshire and has continued to explore and learn through her travels, work experience and her continuing education in the field of alternative healing. She has taken Child and Human Development classes, both in Highschool and College, and has worked with children throughout her life; from summer camps to several long term nanny positions.  Samantha believes deeply in the beauty, resilience, expression and creativity of the human spirit and is honored to be working with children as they explore the world around them and who they are in it.

Rosa Rodriguez

Teacher for the Extended Care Program and assistant teacher for the Kindergarten Program 


Rosa is passionate about working with children. She studied Psychopedagogy with a focus on special education at Colegio Universitario De Psicopedagogia in Venezuela.  For several years, she worked as a Special Education Teacher helping children to acquire basic life and work skills.  She moved to the United States in 2001 and a few years later started working with a family whose children attended Apple Blossom School and Family Center.  She quickly fell in love with Apple Blossom’s educational philosophy and remained connected to the school for several years through the families she worked with.  She was thrilled when, in 2017, she had the opportunity to join the Apple Blossom faculty and continue her work with children in an environment that supports each child’s unique developmental needs.  

Betsy Priest

Assistant teacher for the Nursery Class and Lead Pillars of Parenting Teacher


Betsy joined Apple Blossom School (fall 2017), shortly after she and her family moved from San Rafael, CA  to Southport, CT. Betsy was the Handwork Teacher at the Novato Charter School, a Waldorf Methods public school, for over 12 years. She has a dual degree Masters in Social Work and Divinity. Betsy and her husband, Andy, have four (nearly) adult children.

Donna Mayo

Pillars of Parenting Lead Teacher

Donna has taught Waldorf early childhood education since 2005.  She attended Sunbridge College and received a Waldorf Elementary Certification in 2002 and Waldorf Early Childhood completion certificates. She has a Designated Head Teacher Certification for Children from Birth to 5 and School age children from the State of Connecticut.  Donna attended SUNY University of New York and received an Associate in Science. Donna taught Grades 1-3 at Housatonic Valley Waldorf School, was a founding member of The Clover Hill School, a Waldorf Early Childhood Initiative in Norwalk, CT, as well as their Lead
Kindergarten teacher. In 2005-2006 she was an extended care teacher teacher at Apple Blossom and
happily returned in 2016 as an extended care teacher again.  Donna has studied Anthroposophy for many years which led her to Waldorf education where she has found one of the loves of her life. She has experienced the joy, truth and beauty of being a part of an education that meets the child right where they are and guides them into becoming what they are meant to become. It is truly her dream come true!


Marcia Marquis

Co-Founder and Teacher Emeritus 


Marcia received an Associates Degree from Franklin College, Switzerland in 1973. She received a B.A. from Skidmore College in 1975. In 2000 she completed the Associate Program in Early Childhood Education from Sunbridge College. Marcia has been an Early Childhood teacher for 23 years.  Now retired, she taught Early Childhood classes inspired by Waldorf education for nineteen years. She was first introduced to Waldorf Education when she visited the Goetheanum (which is the world center for the anthroposophical movement designed by Rudolf Steiner) in Dornach, Switzerland in 1972 with her art professor from Franklin College. She has taught at The Rose Garden School in Georgetown, Connecticut, Housatonic Valley Waldorf School in Bridgewater, Connecticut, and Linden Hill School in Georgetown, Connecticut. In 2004 she co-founded Apple Blossom School & Family Center.