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to the day. We like that children know what kneading dough feels like and how wonderful warm, fresh bread tastes. We like that little fingers gain confidence and coordination by learning to knit and sew. We like that their imaginations are free to roam while their curiosity and creativity is nurtured through art and story telling. We like that our children come home with rosy cheeks, a healthy glow, a skip in their step and a song in their heart. But most importantly, we like that they are free to be children and that they are happy!"   – Terrie and Matt N.



"Apple Blossom will always be thought of as "the gift" my daughter received during her early childhood. It was there that a beautiful, strong foundation was built that will carry her through out her life. The teachers and families were dedicated, loving and offered wise guidance in parenting. As I watch my daughter grow more secure and independent in life, I am always thankful and grateful for the 3 1/2 years we shared at Apple Blossom."  -Eileen C.



"There is a magic about this school that surrounds all who enter with warmth. I was looking for a place for my child, but I ended up finding a place for myself, as well. I cannot overstate the importance of that. Waldorf is a philosophy. Although you will be held with warmth, whether you understand or care about the philosophy, or not, having that place that you can continue to educate yourself and slowly sink into yourself in your new role as a mother is one of the many, many reasons Apple Blossom is magical."  -Anonymous



"Apple Blossom was a truly remarkable experience for our daughter and our family. We found that the teachers nurtured our daughter's creative talent and truly respected her as a person. Not only was our daughter taught various lessons which enhanced her mental and physical skills, but she was taught kindness, empathy and concern for the world and community around us; things that seem to be lacking in our society. We found a real sense of community in the school, which made the early childhood experience even more meaningful for our family."  –Renee R.



"We were blessed that our two children caught their first sight of a school at Apple Blossom. The warmth and feeling of belonging they experienced at Apple Blossom has nurtured in them a deep seated love for school, a wonderful level of respect for teachers and a yearning for learning that will benefit them for years to come. Our happiness at Apple Blossom meant that when we left Connecticut we sought out a similar Waldorf-inspired set-up for our children." –Alison and John R.



"When I think of Apple Blossom, I think of warmth: From the warmth of the teachers and their caring of our young children, to the care and thought in which they choose their words and activities. There is warmth in the children's snacks -- fresh-baked bread, soup and rice. The children are enveloped in a physical warmth of carefully chosen clothes, so they can enjoy the outdoors, no matter what the weather brings. The community brings me warmth. Apple Blossom is a caring community of parents, ones who have made conscious choices for their children's well being and education, a community that is kind."  -Anonymous


"We like that our kids climb trees, plant flowers and harvest vegetables from the garden. We like that they celebrate and embrace all seasons and that outdoor playtime is an essential ingredient