5-Day Mixed Kindergarten

(3- 6 years old)

In this program, daily rhythms and activities that support the healthy growth of a young child are provided in a beautiful, calm and secure environment.

The teachers strive to surround the children with beauty, simplicity and the magic of the changing seasons. The children engage in a variety of different activities every day both inside the classroom and outside through all the seasons, including playing (with toys of wood, wool and cotton), painting, coloring, dancing, cooking, cleaning, building and tending the garden.


The children learn important first lessons through fairy tales, puppet shows, songs and verses. The program nourishes the child’s imagination, awe and wonder, creating an environment worthy of imitation. Through the program, the child develops readiness for first grade.

Kindergarten Schedule & Tuition

5 Day | Monday-Thursday 8:30am-1pm | Friday 8:30am-12pm


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