Nursery Preschool (18 months* to 3 years)

2-day, 3-day and 5-day options

Apple Blossom School and Family Center is now offering a program that focuses on the busy, and curious toddler.  Quiet, gentle touch, singing, and a sensitive individualized approach introduces each child to care outside of the home.  


Enveloped by a holistic rhythm and a small class size, each child is met at their own stage of development, finding the opportunity to socialize and grow into independent, helpful and creative human beings.  The child's personal initiative is strengthened through a curriculum that encourages each child's own self initiation in play and work, and in social learning with respectful, observant adults always close at hand.   

A carefully designed learning environment both indoors and out, supports the strengthening of large and small motor skills, oral and receptive language, musical gifts, and a life long love for the natural world.  This program is offered with 2, 3, or 5 day options to insure a secure choice for each family and their unique situation.


*Starting age is based on developmental readiness, usually reached close to 18 months. *


In our Nursery Program we meet the young child's need for rhythm, imitation, nutrition and warmth. In order to fully participate, these are some developmental benchmarks we look for in the child:

- walking with a sturdy gait

- eating solids and beginning to self-feed

- sits in a toddler size chair at a table to eat

- sleep schedule is down to one nap, so your child can participate in class from 9am - noon.

During the application process, we meet together with your family and our faculty to determine when your child is ready for the Nursery Class.


5 DAY        Monday-Friday /  9am-12pm                         $12,900

3 DAY      Monday-Wednesday / 9am-12pm                  $7,980

All tuition is non-refundable.
Note that a 10% sibling discount is applicable for families enrolling more than one child.


There is an optional Lunch extension from 12- 1 pm for an additonal fee

2 DAY        Thursday & Friday / 9am-12pm                      $5,470


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