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Nursery Program

2-day, 3-day and 5-day options
18 months to 3 years (pending developmental readiness)

Our mixed-age Nursery program nurtures the busy and curious toddler through a gentle rhythm, small class size, and an individualized approach that introduces each child to care outside of the home. 

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A gentle rhythm inspires imagination, creativity, self-initiation, and social and emotional intelligence. The foundations for academic learning are built through movement, free play, the exploration of nature, and the genuine curiosity and passion to learn that is cultivated through a Waldorf education. Puppet shows, circle and story-time teach oral and receptive language skills and impart musical gifts. Age-appropriate sensory enriching activities with natural materials cultivate creativity and a life-long love of the arts and natural world. ​

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An average day consists of free play both indoors and outdoors, purpose-driven work (like baking bread!) that encourages self-initiation and respect, and lots of intentional movement. Movement in a carefully designed and beautiful environment strengthens and prepares the body and brain for a healthy, creative, passion-driven and intelligent life. 

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​In our Nursery Program we meet the young child's need for rhythm, imitation, nutrition and warmth. In order to fully participate, these are some developmental benchmarks we look for in the child:

  • Walks with a sturdy gait

  • Eats solids and is beginning to self-feed

  • Sits in a toddler size chair at a table to eat

  • Has one nap a day and is able to participate in class from 9AM - 12PM

During the application process, we will meet together with your family and our faculty to determine when your child is ready for the Nursery Class. 

Nursery Schedule & Tuition

5 Day | Monday-Friday | 9am-12pm


3 Day | Monday-Wednesday | 9am-12pm


2 Day | Thursday-Friday | 9am-12pm


All tuition is non-refundable.
Note that a 10% sibling discount is applicable for families enrolling more than one child (applied to the lesser tuition amount)


There is an optional Lunch extension from 12- 1 pm for an additional fee

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Apple Blossom Waldorf School & Family Center is an OEC licensed program. All students are required to be compliant with state health & immunization requirements.

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