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Our mission is to further Waldorf Education by building a center for family support and early childhood education inspired by Waldorf philosophy. 

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Waldorf Philosophy

Through creating parenting workshops, cultivating festival life and holding early childhood classes, we support mothers-to-be, new families and young children (birth to seven). The family center prepares each child for his or her future development. We receive the children in warmth, rhythm and reverence. The early childhood classes  support the development of the child's physical body and the child's will by teaching through example. We actively work on our own inner growth in an effort to be worthy of imitation.

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The philosophy of Apple Blossom is inspired by the pedagogy developed by Rudolf Steiner, which is common to Waldorf Schools throughout the world. Our Early Childhood Programs stress the importance of rich, imaginative play in a child's life. We support the healthy development of the young child's multiple intelligences and physical growth. The curriculum nurtures the imagination, an important aspect of thinking, through play, artistic activities, and language development with song, puppetry and story telling.

Anthroposophy at Apple Blossom

At AB we honor each child's spirit and individuality. As teachers, we work out of the principles of Anthroposophy, acknowledging and nurturing Rudolf Steiner’s threefold nature of the human being: body, soul and spirit.  The study of Anthroposophy is a tool that teachers may use for their own inner development, for their professional research and to inspire their understanding of child development. It is not taught or communicated to the children nor does it come directly into the classroom.


As humans we are all interconnected to one another. We value reverence to the earth and all of its gifts. Utilizing and inspiring the imagination and wonder of the child, our curriculum may include fairy tales, folktales from around the globe, as well as pictorial language to connect to or represent elements of nature.   

This may include pictorial language such as: Mother Earth, Father Sun, and Sister Rain.  We may refer to children’s toes as “little piggies.”  Stories and songs may include gnomes, crystals, fairies, and flowers.


We welcome questions that you may have.  Many parents at Apple Blossom, over the years, have enjoyed meeting together for a study group to read and discuss parenting topics, including the works of Rudolf Steiner.


Apple Blossom Waldorf School's Diversity Statement:

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