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Jessica Khoshabo

Lead Teacher for the Five Day Kindergarten (Morning Bell Class)

Jessica is a trained Waldorf early childhood teacher and mother of two children. She is a founding teacher of the Apple Blossom School and Family Center and has been, teaching parents and children since 2003. Jessica strives to create an environment that supports each child at their stage of development, fostering creativity through art, puppetry and imaginative play. Jessica attended Waldorf school in Germany, kindergarten through high school, and graduated from the "Freie Waldorf Schule Rendsburg" in 1994. In 1998, Jessica received her early childhood teaching diploma from "Die Erzieher Fachschule Schleswig" in Germany after completing one year of student teaching at a boarding school for deaf children. In the autumn of 1998 Jessica moved with her family to the United States. In 2006 Jessica completed her Masters in Waldorf early childhood education at Sunbridge college in Spring Valley, New York.

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