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Zoriana Drypka

Assistant Teacher for the Forest Daisy Class

Zoriana was born and raised in Ternopil, a beautiful town in Ukraine. She graduated from a medical university with a degree in pharmacy, but life took a major turn when she got married to her husband, Andrew Drypka, a pediatric dentist in Ukraine. Together, they came to the U.S in 2013. The first few years in the states included a lot of back and forth about whether or not to stay and also several career transitions. After working as a pharmacy technician, Zoriana decided she did not want to continue with that profession. She decided to nanny for a time since she had always felt a strong connection to children. The family that she nannied were students at Apple Blossom, this sparked her interest in Waldorf education which she found to be an absolutely fascinating method of child development.

While working as a nanny, Zoriana was also studying at Focus Personal Training Institute in New York. However, shortly after becoming a NASM certified Personal Trainer she got pregnant with her daughter, Zlata, ending her time as a personal trainer. Her daughter Zlata brought her back to Apple Blossom, together they attended our Apple Seeds, Parent and Child classes. Now, Zlata attends Apple Blossom full-time as a Morning Bell Kindergarten student, while Zoriana enjoys spending time with the children she is working with in the Daisy Nursery class. Zoriana will soon become a certified Waldorf teacher from Sophia’s Hearth Family Center in New Hampshire.

In her free time Zoriana loves to listen to classical music, read (particularly books on child development), to dance at home like nobody's watching :) and to sing karaoke. She and her husband enjoy traveling and discovering different cultures and new ways of living. They also enjoy running long distances and spending a lot of time in nature. Zoriana loves life; tries to enjoy every moment and to always be grateful for it.

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